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How To Build Muscle & Not Gain Fat

The two most common fitness goals are:  To gain muscle mass< and to lose body fat.  I don’t mean how to become skinny, we are still talking about those of you that have an extra layer of body fat that want their muscle definition to show through.. The bad new is that the two goals are at opposite ends of the spectrum, so if your goal is to build muscle and

A caloric deficit means that overall daily caloric output must exceed input. If you look at it from a really simple standpoint learning how to become skinny, comes down to this. If the number of calories you consume is below the number of calories you body uses each day, you will start becoming skinny, as your body will be forced to burn your excess body fat as energy. Because there are so many different variants of the 3 core body types, it’s important to begin your bodybuilding agenda with exercises and routines that are specifically tailored to you and your level. Using the elements of training, nutrition and even supplementation, you can progress the best way possible with a little help.

What is important to understand is that this caloric deficit should come from both a combination of exercise, and diet, not just one.

Is It Possible To Build Muscle Without Gaining Body Fat?

Here’s the deal… When you are trying to pack on lean muscle tissue, you can take one of the following two approaches:

Approach #1:  Eat as much food as possible

Many people take this approach.  They try to consume as much food as they can possibly eat. Their life suddenly becomes one long 24-hour buffet in their quest for muscle mass as they figure that eating tons of food will guarantee muscle growth.
Of course, this does not guarantee that you will lose exactly one pound each week, but you should lose close to that-at least at the beginning. You may find that it becomes more difficult later as your body attempts to shut down your metabolism, however there are ways around this.

Remember, if you are not losing weight and think that you are dieting and exercising properly, you are not! you have to track every aspect of your routine until you figure out exactly what is hindering your progress.

  • Eat 6 small meals each day. This really boosts your metabolism and ensures that your body is constantly burning calories.
  • Drink at least 8 cups of water each day. Carry a jug with you and make sure your pee is always clear white. If it’s yellow you are not drinking enough. Water is important because it helps filter toxins and by-products out of your body.
  • On “cheat days” you should still try to count your calories. So if you have a pizza for example, you should estimate how many calories that meal is and try not to go over your daily limit by too much that day. Cheat days can actually help, as long as you only do them once a week.
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  • ake the time to carefully track every aspect of your training and diet. This mean every calorie burned and every calorie consumed. Also track sleeping habits, energy levels etc. If you are serious about learning how to become skinny you will take the time out of your day to do this.

It is also very important you do all your regular exercise to maintain your weight. If you don’t have gym membership and also don’t have heavy gym equipment, don’t worry you can still do many exercises without these equipment. Just perform dips, pull ups, jogging and running. You can also buy cheap equipment like pull up bars and ab wheel rollers, they don’t cost much but are very effective in toning your muscles.

In the end, if you eat less food than your body needs each day, exercise regularly, track your progress and lead a generally healthy lifestyle, you will lose weight and finally become skinny. There is really no need for any fancy diets or exercises, because it all comes down to the basics mentioned above.

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