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Does Wrist Braces Help With Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

My plans for the week got derailed a bit when Simone threw up last Tuesday night, taking her virus airborne and infecting Scott. Why a sick husband should cause more challenges and disruptions than a sick child is a mystery I am not qualified to solve, but there you are. Our household descended into chaos, and I was just beginning to claw my way out yesterday when I stupidly decided to call my clinic about the weird pain and numbness I’d been having in my calf-y shin area since the day before, and the nurse I spoke to more or less insisted I go to the ER at once. It turns out that when you add calf pain, numb skin, a clotting disorder, and lots of recent air travel, you get MA’AM, I NEED YOU TO BE SEEN RIGHT AWAY MA’AM ARE YOU HAVING ANY CHEST PAIN?

(I wasn’t having any chest pain, but while I was waiting for an ultrasound I had a panicky moment in which I was convinced that my heartburn was something else, and then all at once I seemed to be having trouble breathing and had to talk myself down from Pulmonary Embolism! to Highly Suggestible.)

As irksome as it was to spend four hours in the hospital on a Monday on which I had multiple deadlines, I will admit that it was nice, for once, not to be the alarmist. I only called the clinic in the first place because of a rule I have—it’s complicated, but basically I use a formula to weigh the embarrassment/inconvenience of a thing against the awfulness of the possible outcome of NOT doing it (and the likelihood of attendant guilt/thoughts of if only). It’s the reason I do not drink and drive, even a little, even though it results in a lot of securing rides just to go out for dinner. (I know it’s legal to have a small amount of alcohol before driving, but the way I look at it, should I be in a car accident and hurt someone, how would I feel knowing that I’d had a drink, however small? Short of buying a personal breathalyzer, how can I know that the wine I am certain has failed to render me even tipsy hasn’t impaired my reflexes?)

Anyhow, in this post I will be discussing about carpal tunnel syndrome and how you can treat it with wrist braces. I recently bought a good carpal tunnel wrist brace in UK and have found great relief.

Carpal tunnel wrist syndrome

Do you have Carpal Tunnel Wrist Syndrome? Do you feel hand and wrist pain, severe cramping and tingling sensations in your wrists and fingers, if you do. You may be suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, or CTS. Many people find the symptoms of CTS more severe at night, and it can effect a person’s sleeping. You can try shaking your fingers and shaking out your wrist it will ease the pain, but only temporarily. Some carpal tunnel wrist pain sufferers notice that the effects of the condition worsens as it becomes more advanced. You may start to drop things regularly and find it difficult to manipulate small objects. As it advances, you may experience a loss of sensation in your hands, a lack of strength and function and a weakening of the muscles in your palms.

carpal tunnel wrist brace 2018

Simple Remedies

There are several simple techniques and remedies you can try to help relieve the pain of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

  • Make sure you take regular breaks when you are using a computer keyboard for long periods of time, or if you are playing games that involve a lot of finger movement. Take regular breaks every 15 or 20 minutes and alternate tasks when possible. Breaks are very important if you use equipment that vibrates or if you need to use a lot of force.
  • Regularly do wrist exercises. Hold your arm straight in front of you, palm facing outward and then with your hand, gently pull back your fingertips. Hold for a few seconds and release. Once you are finished, repeat with the other arm. You can also buy a top quality wrist braces that provide support to your wrist and in turn give relief.
  • Keeping your hands warm is also valuable tip. Cold and humid environments are more likely to cause pain and stiffness. Try wearing fingerless gloves that will keep your fingers free while keeping your hands and wrists warm.Most people use more force than they really need to in order to perform everyday tasks that involve the use of your hands. Relax your grip and try to reduce the force you use when performing these tasks. Try hitting the keys on a cash register or your keyboard more softly.

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